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Find New Customers & Grow Your Business

Whether you are scaling your business, filling the gaps in your schedule, or just starting out ValueEgg will help you find the right customers.
  • People come to ValueEgg to hire professionals

      Helping Businesses Stay Strong

      Try Us $105.00 FREE Signup bonus!

      More cost effective than Thumbtack, Angie's List, Home Advisor

      * $3.00-$9.00 per Lead for most categories.

      * Free No Risk! Local customer lead credits for all new sign-ups

      * No Commissions, No Subscriptions, No Obligations

      Potential Customers – Incoming lead answers specific questions about their project or what they need and we share those details with pros like you. Some customers may opt to skip the questionnaire and send you a message directly on our platform. Having options is what keeps our customers coming back to use ValueEgg.com

      Predictable ROI - By eliminating the unexpected costs of maintenance and vacancies, we deliver a higher, more predictable ROI. Potential customers come to ValueEgg.com looking for help with a project - this could be anything from finding a photographer for a wedding to getting their house cleaned.

      Seamless Experience - Our user-friendly real-time dashboards allow you to keep an eye on your property’s condition and status at all times. Our process screens the customer, find out exactly what they need, and send that potential customer to professionals like you. You'll receive the exact information as we get them on ValueEgg.

      Dashboard Transparency - We provide complete transparency. All conversations are visible and recorded on your live dashboard. Check on potential customer requests, history, and projects on our portal. You decide to work with as many leads as you'd like at the lowest cost possible.

      Simple Price Rate - OneRate model. You get to choose who you want to communicate with. ValueEgg charges you a very low-cost fee (usually $6.75 - $9.75) per customer lead request to communicate with the prospect. This low cost one-time fee is charged for your interactions with the potential customer. You get to review all the submitted questions and answers from a potential customer PRIOR to making a decision to interact with a lead. This way, customers can receive your tailored communications increasing you likelihood to close the sale faster.

      FREE Business Exposure - As a ValueEgg Pro, you’ll get a Free online profile which boosts your web presence and helps promote your business. We take the hassle out of marketing your services. Pros receive hot, live leads as soon as they are placed. Get instant access to real-time leads for your business.

      Get noticed. Reply to clients ASAP - When it comes to standing out on websites like ValueEgg.com, timing is everything. It's all about making the FIRST move with a potential customer. If you take too long to respond someone else can beat you to the punch. Making your first move to respond quickly is imperative to getting hired and achieve success on ValueEgg. Make sure you are set up to receive new lead notifications via text and email to swiftly reply to promising leads as quickly as possible.

      Save time with a per-written message – Use our “One Click Response” as an effective tool to help you response to a potential customer quickly and professionally. When you’re multitasking all day long, responding to every incoming request can seem like an extra burden to some Pros. Fortunately, you can save a pre-written message reply on your dashboard. You'll be ready with a professional response - ready to go!

      Track your success - Keep track of how many leads you received through ValueEgg and the amount of revenue earned for your business. If you’re not seeing a healthy return on your investment on the site, you may need to revamp your profile and re-position your message strategy to communicate with potential customers.

      ValueEgg.com is the most cost effective platform in the gig-economy for local Pros.
      Give us a try - be prepared to become Happy!

  • No contract, no term commitments, no obligations
    You can start or stop anytime
    • We make getting new customers more profitable, predictable, and hassle-free. When interested customers reach out to you to learn more about your service, it is your turn to quickly respond to close the deal. We charge a small fee for each introduction and we give you all the information we get from the potential customer including the phone number (when available), e-mail address, questions and answers (when available) for you to reach out to them.

      ValueEgg Gets your Business in front of thousands of Customers FREE! You pay for contact leads – people who come to our website for the main reasons to communicate, get quotes and potentially hire a professional. A new customer might contact you by messaging, calling and will book you directly. You only pay for the first time someone communicate with you for a specific service category. Never a commission, subscription, or term obligations.

      We support hundreds of services on ValueEgg for both individuals and small businesses. We collect information from interested prospects and deliver that exact information to you immediately in REAL TIME!

      No contract, no term commitments, no obligations
      You can start or stop anytime.

What Professional Vendors Are Saying
Quick and helpful service for my business! Got great customer responses instantly and I closed the deal within 2 days.
LA, California Since 2018
Great service at a very Low cost to grow my business, I'd totally recommend it. Excellent way for local businesses to get meaningful customers.
Chicago, IL
"Within 10 minutes of signing up, I had contacts from 2 interested customers ready for me to help them with their requests"
New York, NY Since 2016